WK 1- Art Experience- Plaster Casting

IMG_2952[1]For the first week of art, I participated in an activity called plaster casting. Given I have minimal artistic abilities (I consider myself a semi-okay with elementary acrylic painting), the whole project was new to me (including the name). I want to bring up my experience with simply buying the materials. I walked right into the art store asking for the art kit that contained the needed materials, hoping they would take care of everything, but unfortunately they were out. I was hesitant to ask if they knew what we would be requiring for the activity, but I had no clue with what I was looking for, so I asked the art store worker. He kindly described everything we would be needing, including the simple materials, like the mixing stick and the shovel, which I was glad because I would have been so lost otherwise. I do want to point out that that I was really happy with my results! I’ve never worked with plaster and I was envisioning the final mold to resemble one of those wax molds you can get at the fair, but was surprised that it had sand bits all over. It was different than what I was expecting but I liked that it look different and intriguing. I liked that you had to stare at it for a while to figure out the position my hand was in, making my piece more exciting!



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