WK 1- Classmate Conversation- Stephanie Arciva

I want to begin by explaining my first week of school. Rather than your traditional first day of class, I spent the first half of my week in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I presented my research work at the American Chemical Society national meeting. Before I begin about my experience with the conference, I just want to give some background on myself that will help you understand my experience. My name is Stephanie Arciva, a third- year undergraduate chemistry student at CSULB. Before college, I didn’t know I wanted to pursue science. Shortly after taking some chemistry classes and joining a research lab, I found myself enjoying the work, which has led me with the opportunity on presenting my research on

Conference Presentation on Research Work
“Rate Constant Determination for Alkyl Nitrates and Oxidizing Radicals Utilized in Advanced Oxidative Processes.” The conference consisted of many different chemists from around the world, all broken up into subcategories of chemistry. A lot of the audience consisted of water purification experts (my research falls along their work) and chemistry professors, which is extremely intimidating, considering they follow-up the presentation with questions. But overall, I enjoyed the experience because this was all new to me and reassured me that I enjoy my scientific work.

Presenting at the ACS conference
Because of this incredible opportunity, I unfortunately missed the first day of class, in which students in my art class spoke to each other over a few things so here are mine.

Aside from chemistry, my rare free time involves working out, juicing, and watching Netflix. My art qualifications contribute to acrylic painting, which I used to do growing up. I found it really eases my mind, but I have no talent in that area. My definition of art is dependent on a feeling, any feeling actually. If you look at something, really absorbing it, and it makes you feel something, whether it be confused, irritated, angry, or happy, then I consider it art. Take the color red for example. Red we classify as an intense color which incites passion, but when I see red, I feel warmth and comfort. This can be different for everyone, but that feeling is important because art is supposed to make you feel something.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

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