Wk 2 -Classmate Conversation- Maritess Anne Inieto


In class today, I had the luxury of meeting an extremely enthusiastic person named Maritess Anne Inieto. If you haven’t meet her, then I’m surprised because she is super outgoing! A little bit I learned about Maritess includes a lot of her life here at CSULB. She is a third-year Biology student with an option in Molecular Cell Biology and Physiology and a minor in Chemistry. We shared a common interest in chemistry as well as a love for food and napping. Maritess wants to become a dentist and hopes to attend dental school after she completes her undergraduate degree. What I found most interesting about Maritess is the fact that she loves dessert! She was really excited when that topic of conversation came up, which really emphasized her appreciation of dessert. Her extensive list of favorite sweets include macaroons, cheesecake, and most importantly ,ice cream. Her favorite flavor is Ben & Jerry’s Boom Chocolatta! Cookie Core! Meeting Maritess was definitely a SWEET experience!:)

When I asked Maritess how she felt about art, she immediately began to talk about her latest Instagram post. I was like, ” whoa, we are worrying about art here!” What Maritess was elaborating on was the fact that these forms of social media are art. Because art has so many forms, she found art through these types of media. I learned an invaluable lesson that beyond a canvas and paper, art can be everywhere around us. Art is incorporated into our everyday lives which draws on it’s indescribable importance in today’s world. We do not point it out frequently, but art is seen in dance, architecture, food, and comprise various components of the world around us. I bet Maritess’s favorite art is dessert! Dessert is an art itself as well. Maritess and I came to an agreement that art is important in today’s world even though it disguises itself in our everyday lives.

If you’d like Maritess’s side of the story, check out her page!


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