Wk 2 -Art Experience -Landscape with a Corpse

IMG_3015[1]So this week’s project of Landscape with a Corpse was definitely a tricky project for me. I, perhaps among many students, do not see myself dying anytime soon (hopefully) so it becomes hard to think of how I would die. I came up with some horrific scenes in my head as to how should I portray my death, but didn’t decide on anything. Instead of trying to envision how I would die, I started to think most of what involves my biggest fear. I know in scary movies I hate when the bad person dumps the body. I find that the most traumatizing because not only was the person being dumped the victim of some horrible event, but the killer is leaving them behind so no one can find them. I guess what scares me is that no one would know what happened and I feel it would be worse if the world just thought you went missing. I wanted to harbor these emotions in my project by strategically placing my corpse in an “abandoned” parking structure, where no one would find the corpse for a couple of days. I do want to highlight the parking structure had an amazing backdrop of a pyramid. That was my beach pride kicking in! But what I was most happy with in my picture was the atmosphere I captured. I felt as if it were this beautiful environment where you can enjoy the beautiful pyramid, all undermined through this tragic event of dumping a body in a lonely area. I felt that this resembled Kaoru’s work with the beautiful fashion she showed that was undercut by the corpse.



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