Wk 2 -EC: Volleyball Sketching

IMG_2992[1]What I thought would be a simple experience drawing stick figures seemed to complicate itself pretty quickly! This can be said in gesture sketching itself. I considered myself a pro at drawing stick figures (my expertise area in art) but Glenn Zucman taught me otherwise! When you simply add “balloons and hot dogs” (I found the term hilarious), the stick figures seem to come to life. I was amazed by how such simple additions could make the figures seem more realistic or give it more character so easily. It was a bit difficult trying to draw these figures at a fast pace volleyball game. I loved the game by the way, and have to mention the radioactive cheese was pretty good! I have never been to a volleyball game before, but I was amazed at how fast paced the game was. One second the player was spiking against the opposing team, Washington State University, the other second the team is trading server players (excuse my technical terms with the players). It all happened so quickly, so to try to draw these players was a little difficult. I overall had a good time at the game and definitely am looking forward to go to a couple more games this season to cheer on the women’s volleyball team for better luck next time at the game. GO BEACH!

IMG_2988[1] IMG_2994[1]IMG_3019[1]



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