Wk 3 -Classmate Conversation -Tina Nguyen

This week in my art class I had a conversation with Tina Nguyen! It was exciting to meet someone else in the science department, as Tina is a Biochemistry major! Of the various topics we talked about, I want to highlight Tina’s interests because it’s nice to talk to a science person other than science topics all the time. Her favorite color is purple, which is my second favorite color. What I am finding out slowly is that many people appreciate dessert in this art class because Tina’s favorite food is ice cream! I found it funny that I mentioned food and rather than picking a meal she went straight for dessert. Tina also likes French fries. I love dipping my French fries in chocolate shakes, but she wanted me to mention she doesn’t like ice cream and French fries together. Not to spoil the ending for anyone, so avoid the next couple of words, but Tina doesn’t like all the death that takes place in the end to her favorite show, Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve personally never watched the show but I hear everyone say it’s great to watch, so after Tina’s admiration, I might consider watching it soon! And in Tina’s free time, she likes to read books, which I can imagine happens frequently considering we have to read books frequently for our science classes. When I asked Tina, “What type of art has had the most influence on where you are today,” Tina explained to me that entertainment through t.v. series is the most influential art. Her admiration in Grey’s Anatomy exemplifies this situation. She appreciates the art in creating such emotional scenes in the show and the roles the characters capture. Through the connection with medicine the show has, Tina’s interest in the pharmaceutical industry has grown into her science interests! I find it interesting that a simple form of entertainment has had such an influential role in Tina’s life.


If you’d like to know more about Tina Nguyen or check out her side of the story, click here to find her page!



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