Wk 3 -Artist Conversation -Andrew Hansen

Exhibition Information

Artist: Andrew Hansen
Exhibition: Why Not?
Media: Oil Painting
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov-West
Website: N/A
Instagram: albabroski

About the Artist
Andrew Hansen is an undergraduate student in the School of Art’s Drawing and Painting Program. Because he hopes to teach art at a university level institution, Andrew plans to continue to obtain his Master’s degree. Andrew has been exposed to many experiences that have shaped his current dream of teaching art. It all began when he began painting in his high school art classes, working primarily with acrylic paint. However, Andrew did take some time off school and joined the Navy. Following his return and a tattoo apprentice-ship, Andrew reignited his interest in art by deciding to go back to school. Outside of school, Andrew’s interests involve various outdoor activities, including surfing and dirt-biking.

Formal Analysis
The oil painting Andrew created, titled “Bar Scene,” is best explained as a figurative narrative. The painting depicts the bouncer’s perspective of a typical night at the bar. From the painting, you see various colors, ranging from a cool to warm range. Andrew felt he wanted to “play” with the colors to change the lighting in the piece. The piece also contains shadows which give depth to the piece. The lines incorporated are smooth which give the piece a relaxed atmosphere.

Content Analysis
In the piece, Andrew captured a scene with his friends. He wanted his audience to understand his perspective. Aside from school, Andrew works as a bouncer at a bar; furthermore, Andrew felt he could portray the scene he experienced on a daily basis. You could see the beautiful woman sitting down at the bar while various men approach her. You could also see the other men in the piece are enjoying themselves, just chatting among each other. Andrew emphasized he wanted his work to take an environmental approach. He wants to portray the atmosphere of being in a bar and capture the settings through various techniques.

Synthesis/ My Experience
I felt this piece really captured my attention the most in the gallery. I used to be a server at a restaurant and on weekend nights people would order a cocktail with their meal. A typical weekend shift consisted of a crowded bar area, as people celebrated their evening with a drink. I’ve never had the perspective from the other side, especially in a bar setting.  I felt a sense of familiarity when I looked at Andrew’s piece regarding its atmosphere. I remember the friendly people and their relaxed conversations amongst each other. I also remember carding my guests as I suggested our house-specialty cocktails. It felt oddly comforting that a piece of art can remind me of an experience I valued because of those moments where people enjoyed themselves.



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