Wk 4 -Art Experience -Automatic Drawing


This week’s project was a little different, called Automatic Drawing. When I heard the title I began to get a little nervous, because if you are anything like me then drawing freaks you out because you have little artistic abilities. After going over the instructions for the project, I had the comfort of finding out we could do this project with a partner, which I did with my friend, Lyca (Shout-out to Lyca for taking the time to help me with this, thank you friend). In order to set a more relaxed atmosphere, we played music in the background. In our first attempt, Lyca and I were laughing uncontrollably, so it took us a couple attempts to synchronize any movement. After a while we finally got into the flow of things and we were able to continue longer movements with our strokes. I felt accomplished after what we had accomplished considering the difficult start we had! img_31971

After some good staring, I was thinking how I could incorporate some color to make something of this. Some images that came to mind: an atom with its electron orbitals around, a universe with its planets orbiting the sun, or a flower. Rather than trying to find something in this picture I began to add some color using oil pastels. My friend and I were simply conversing while we began to color the piece, having no strategic plan to what we did. More towards the end was when we began to see what we had created. I fell in love with the piece. I added some final touches but for the most part, most of the piece was unintentional.

img_31981Although I find it a little intimidating to draw, I was overall happy with the experience. It was fun to do this with my friend, and I ended up with this amazing piece of artwork!


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