Wk 5 -Artist Conversation -Katherine McRaven

Exhibition Information

Artist: Katherine McRaven
Exhibition: Insolitum
Media: 3D Printing, Metal Smithing, Drawing
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: spirit_rose_a_metre

About the Artist
Katherine is an undergraduate student in the School of Art’s Sculpture Program. Although she is currently in the Sculpture Program, Katherine’s exposure to metal work has influenced her decision to apply to the Metal Program. Katherine is originally from Long Beach and hopes to continue to pursue her artistic career, eventually hoping to work from home and be self-sufficient through her work. Katherine’s free time involves photography, film, and writing. Katherine’s interest in music contributes largely to her background in playing classical music on her viola.

Formal Analysis
Katherine’s exhibit displays various intricate pieces. Her media includes pieces with metal, 3D printing, and paper. Her metallic pieces incorporates hammer work, which gave Katherine the ability to shape and texture the metal. A couple pieces include metal bowls that demonstrate the complexity of working with certain metals, including a variety from silver to copper. In other pieces, Katherine displays geometric shapes on paper that embodies various angles and articulate edges. In her 3D printing pieces, more complicated designs from encoded etching incorporates a “Corinthian” style that illustrates long columns with sophisticated designs on the ends.

Content Analysis
The main idea portrayed in Katherine’s work illustrates an idea of juxtaposition between organic and geometric lines. Much of this relationship is also demonstrated between the media she works with, for example, Katherine worked with cuddle-fish bone, which already had its own texture, and incorporated an elaborate design onto the bone. This comparison also continues over to her style, which encompasses modern and “ancient” techniques. This constant contrast of ideas uniquely highlights Katherine’s exhibit that exemplify new methods and ideas Katherine want to explore.

Synthesis/ My Experience
I had a great time at this exhibition! Originally intrigued from all the metal work, which I felt was different from a lot of art I have seen, I was surprised to find the rigorous work behind Katherine’s pieces. She explained the process of creating a couple pieces, which all incorporated various techniques, including acid bath, smithing, and even coding! Not to mention, Katherine enjoyed working late hours, usually midnight to 6 am, which personally I felt that took a lot of motivation to be awake at those times. Overall, I greatly admire Katherine’s work ethic that definitely is displayed in her intricate work!



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