Wk 5 -Art Activity -Graffiti Writing

img_32251For this week’s activity , I participated in Graffiti Writing! I would have to say that this is the most relaxing art activity yet. I watched some videos that gave a couple helpful tips for working with the spray cans, but nothing prepared me for when I actually had one in my hand. Nothing could have prepared me to work with this medium, I felt it was the most difficult to work with yet.  To simplify the process for me, I decided to tag my nickname, Steph. I felt that by tagging my nickname, I would feel more connected with my piece, telling my story how I want to. Although I probably should have sketched out my name, I decided to free hand my piece, inspired by more experienced taggers in videos. The difficult part about working with the paint was applying the consistency you wanted. Depending on how far or how close you got, the thickness would change and how quickly you applied a stroke also changed the lettering. After getting a feel for the way the paint applied, I tagged my name and decided to add some depth, as I saw a demonstration on a tutorial video. I like the contrast the colors provided and the pop that my name had with the shadow I added. What I most enjoyed was how I found comfort in trying to touch up my work or how I could add something here but there was no outline I had to follow. I felt a state of peace while working on this piece! I look forward to trying this again and creating a piece that demonstrates the feelings I get when tagging.



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