Wk 6 -Art Activity -Zines

This week’s activity for art involved making a Zine. I found this to activity to be the most relaxing! I was overwhelmed at first by how many pages I had to fill with substance, but it was easier then I expected. I was originally going to go with Glenn’s idea of incorporating chemistry into my Zine, but I decided to make it about textures and prints I like. I began by putting together some pictures I like, then I incorporated some text. I enjoy a lot of tropical things including palm trees, flowers, and fruit. What I wanted to portray in my Zine was a feeling of relaxation and I found I could easily portray that with these objects. When I read a magazine, I usually read one to pass time and relax, so I wanted to capture the same feeling in my Zine. I found the whole experience relaxing as I scrolled through pictures and looked through inspirational quotes. It was nice to take a step back from science, which fills most of my time nowadays. It all came together pretty easily because I felt all the pieces fit together like a puzzle. I do want to mention a funny story that happened while I was making my Zine. My printer at home had been running out of colored ink, so when I printed out my pictures, they all had a blue hue to them! Completely unintentional but I really liked the turn out because it showed up across all the pictures and it gave a “cool” feeling to my Zine as well as some color. Although my Zine is simple, I hope the pictures I included, my favorite ones btw, incite a a similar feeling to you!




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