Wk 6 -Artist Conversation -Blaine Scot Prow

Exhibition Information

Artist: Blaine Scot Prow
Exhibition: Extrusions
Media: Bristol Board, Charcoal Paper
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino
Website: N/A
Instagram: tiffuts

About the Artist
Blaine is an undergraduate student in the School of Art’s Studio Art Program. In addition to attending CSULB, Blaine is originally from Orange County. Outside of his academic career, Blaine enjoys photography and music in his free time. He enjoys composing music as well as playing various instruments, including keyboard and bass guitar. His musical talent is also exemplified in his musical career, as Blaine is a member of a band. Aside from music, Blaine takes great interest in Geometry, incorporating math, shapes, and various angles, which is demonstrated in his work.

Formal Analysis
Blaine’s work incorporates the use of Bristol board and charcoal paper into his geometric exhibition. With the use of a ruler and math problems, Blaine’s pieces display various angles that advance into the third dimension. The charcoal paper adds depth to the pieces, which characterizes the complexity in each piece. The contrast between the black and white colors allows a simple perspective to which focuses on the intricacy of the shapes and dimensions. The contrast also allows for lighting within each piece that accent certain areas of each shape.

Content Analysis
Blaine’s exhibition demonstrates the relationship between geometrical shapes and different dimensions. With a mathematical approach, Blaine was greatly interested in discovering how expanding lines develop into another dimension with a simple cut. Blaine’s inspiration was sparked through his interest in geometry. From there, Blaine developed various pieces that displays this central idea of how these shapes can develop drastically. This central idea is found in Blaine’s work, as some pieces were more complicated with more lines, which allotted for more time spent on each piece.

Synthesis/ My Experience
I found this piece particularly interesting because I understood when Blaine mentioned the math behind his piece. He mentioned Pythagorean Theorem and its applications. I found it fascinating that these two disciplines, different in a lot of applications, have found something in common. It’s nice to relate to the artist because I could understand where he finds his inspiration. It’s pleasant to know that mathematical concepts inspire such amazing work that people can appreciate in a world outside of a science-math field.



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