Wk 7 -Artist Conversation -Nathaniel Paderanga

Exhibition Information

Artist: Nathaniel Paderanga
Exhibition: Social
Media: Oil on Canvas
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino
Website: N/A
Instagram: theartofnate_

About the Artist
Nathaniel Paderanga, or Nate, is an undergraduate student in the School of Art’s Drawing and Painting Program. Originally from San Diego, Nate has recently moved to Temecula and is an active member in the commuter community at CSULB. A cherished item of Nate’s is his car, a 2016 Honda Civic, whom of which he named Fin. In his free time, Nate likes enjoys painting and playing basketball with his friends. Nate is deeply family-oriented, which you will find described in his work!

Formal Analysis
Nate’s work encompasses a variety of techniques all through his work with oil painting. His narrative paintings each portray an image, either a family member, an activity a family member does, or a place that has left an imprint on Nate. Nate vividly portrays each image with the use of various colors, including cool and warm colors. Nate also demonstrates a focus technique where he focuses on a certain part of the painting and blurs out the background. The lighting in the background in each piece also helps shift focus.

Content Analysis
Nate’s exhibition portrays a narrative of his life while depicting social issues. Nate’s experience from the past year are portrayed in a sequential order from left to right. He wanted to include social issues like technology, homelessness, and mourning a loss. He wanted to present these issues through his perspective and how he has experienced them. Each and every one of these pieces are a chapter in the story of Nate’s life.

Synthesis/ My Experience
I found Nate’s exhibition to be the most rooted exhibition I’ve seen yet. I felt that through art he was able to show his connection he shares with his family. I found this most resonating because I too share a strong connection with my family and I know the importance of that relationship. From these painting I felt a familiarity of comfort, the same feeling I have when I am around my family. Nate did a great job of bringing these experiences to a canvas. He did a great job of telling people his story.



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