Wk 8 -Classmate Conversation -Kaya Quarles

This week I met Kaya Quarles! Right off the bat I found her name interesting, I’ve never met a Kaya before. Kaya is a third year Biology student, which I always love meeting science people that relate with the struggles of the rigorous classes, lab work, and heavy homework load. I discovered that Kaya aspires to become a medical doctor, which props to her for the rigorous schooling she has for the next decade! Because we focus on school so often, Kaya and I decided to talk about things other than science. We chose to talk about some things we do on the weekends and our rare free time that we have in between homework. An interesting thing I found out about Kaya is that she enjoys being in the water, this includes activities such as surfing and scuba diving. I took great admiration in Kaya’s adventurous side, which is something we share in common. I have attempted surfing and some water activities, although I do not partake in them regularly. Kaya and I then diverged into some hikes we’ve accomplished. I told her about my Hollywood sign hike, then she explained to me her adventure in San Diego. It was great to find someone who shared an interest in the great outdoors. For the questions of the week, Kaya said a piece of art she would like to share with everyone is the art of mother nature.This could be displayed across various mediums because the environment encompasses many beauties. Also, Kaya mentioned she would support her child if they wanted to pursue an art career because of the fact that she hoped it would make her child happy. She felt being happy was the most important factor to consider when making life decisions. In addition, because Kaya and I are iphone users, most of the apps we had were very similar. Aside from the general utility apps, like calculator, weather, etc., we both had snapchat, facebook, and twitter. Surprisingly, Kaya and I shared a lot in common. It was refreshing to meet someone who has interests outside of our school curriculum.

If you’d like to know more about Kaya and our similarities, click here to check out her page!



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