Wk 8 -Art Activity -Sketching in the CSULB Japanese Garden

This week’s activity consisted of sketching in the Japanese Garden. I have to preface with my admiration for the beauty the garden had to offer. It was really beautiful, with it’s koi pond, vast greenery, and peaceful setting. Simply walking into the garden swept you into a different world far from the fast pace campus at CSULB. There was a sense of peace when you walked into the garden. I also enjoyed the little figurines in the tea house. It was with those figures that I attempted my 30 second drawings. I personally find sketching difficult because it’s hard for me to put onto paper what I see in front of me or how I even want to interpret things. It did warm me up for my next sketches though, as it made me more comfortable with my pencil and sketchpad. The 5- min sketch allowed me to incorporate more details of the scene I was trying to capture. The most difficult task of the activity included the contour drawing. The coordination between my hand and eyes were difficult to synchronize and my drawing looked nothing like what I was looking at. For the abstract and representative sketches, I allotted more time. I tried to really capture the details with these sketches, and I found the more I was able to enjoy the scenery, the easier it was for me to put my pencil down and sketch. With a setting as peaceful as the Japanese Garden, it was easy for me to fall into the atmosphere and relax. Although this activity stressed me out in the begin from my inability to sketch, I found comfort in the garden that allowed me to overlook this insecurity and just sketch. I feel that this was a very relaxing activity and I would actually like to incorporate this into my free time or when I need a break from homework and studying.


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