Wk 9- Art Activity – Art Care Package

For this week’s activity, I created an art package for a friend from home. My friend and I were in drum-line together in high school, though we don’t go to the same school anymore. Back in high school, my friend and I started a trend where we would trade CDs and make mix tapes for each other. This started because I told him my car didn’t have the Bluetooth connection most new cars have and if I wanted to pick my music, I would have to make a CD. We then made CDs for each other and it was also a way for us to share new songs we found or even listen to artists we both enjoyed. Because I haven’t had time to talk to him, I found this the perfect time to send him something just as a way of keeping in touch. What I did was I put together some album covers of music I like now and music we used to listen to and on the back of the ones that had memories tied to them I wrote a general time period and the memory tied to either the song or the album. I found this similar to a sending someone a snap chat because its like a moment captured in a picture that someone else could enjoy. Unlike a snap chat, sending this ACP has taken more time because it takes time to put together these things and there is the time factor of sending this package. I believe the time factor is overlooked if the package is something you can keep forever. With snap chat, if you wanted to keep it, you would have to save it and find a way to print out the picture. I think a ephemera has the potential to have different values to different people. I personally keep a lot of things like my Disney day pass tickets and letters people give to me or even birthday cards! Similarly, ephemera that are intended only for a short time use I feel have value because there is a meaning behind them or a memory tied to them. The difference that I find between art that is seen by many versus art that is only seen by one person is that I feel there is going to be more intimidation when showing it to others. I feel that because I lack the confidence in my artistic abilities, I am going to be more vulnerable towards any criticisms a larger audience is going to have. If I am only going to be showing one person, I may work a certain way to appeal to that audience member. Moreover, I feel that something made in a slower process contains more “love.” I feel that when you pay attention to detail on something, it will contain more personal involvement and I feel that does not contribute to fast-pace work, like the McDonald’s drive-thru food!



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