Wk 9 -Artist Conversation -Carmina Correa

Exhibition Information

Artist: Carmina Correa
Exhibition: A Beach in Symmetry, A Breach in Symmetry
Media: sugar-water, construction material
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery East
Website: N/A
Instagram: N/A

About the Artist
Carmina Correa is an undergraduate student in the School of Art’s Sculpture Program. Although she attends CSULB, Carmina is from Anaheim and commutes to school on a daily basis. Originally a student from Cypress community college, Carmina transferred to CSULB and is now finishing her final year. After she graduates, Carmina plans to work as a fabricator/ 3D printer and wants to continue her practice in art. Her interest in art developed at an early age and now has continued into her future plans. In her free time, Carmina practices competitive video games and enjoys playing first-person shooting games.

Formal Analysis
Carmina’s pieces in the exhibition consist of a confession booth and a sugar piece. The confession booth was made from construction material. Carmina built a booth and she lined the inside with a material to soundproof the area. Inside the booth contained a kneeling pedestal. When in a kneeling position, you get a view into another room which contains various objects including stuffed animals and candles with Virgin Mary on them. The sugar piece consisted of sugar-water. The sugar piece included various glass-like layers that had both cool colors and warm colors. The bottom layers contained colors like red and brown and were more defined rectangular shapes. The top layer was a yellow-green sheet that was cracked and had a wavy shape.

Content Analysis
Carmina’s art is very much reflective of herself. What she represented in these two pieces specifically was the history her cultural background contains and the health issues she currently faces. Carmina comes from a Filipino family and religion is a major component of her family. Growing up she never felt truly connected to the religion, which she displayed through the confession booth. The sugar piece was also significant because she has Type II diabetes, yet she worked with sugar to create her piece. From these two pieces, Carmina reflected taking these two things that play a large role in her life and reinvented them to make them more comfortable for her.

Synthesis/ My Experience
After hearing Carmina’s explanation, I was pretty taken with how profound these pieces were. I was impressed by both pieces, although they were completely different. I can imagine working with sugar was a lot of fun but to develop it into those pieces seems extraordinary. I was also impressed with the confession booth because I understand Carmina was on a time constraint to build the booth which turned out really well. I was most impressed with Carmina’s ability to reflect herself in her work from ideas that are so resonating and deep. I also found it brave for her to express herself in a manner like that for such personal matters. I felt Carmina did a great job with her art pieces!





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