Wk 10 -Art Activity -Fiber Art Social Network


For this week’s art activity, me, along with the rest of my Art110 classmates created a fiber art social network along with my personal social network! When I think of the term social network, I think of people both whom I’m physically friends with and people I’m friends with through cyberspace. However, I do feel that Dunbar’s number is applicable and that people only have stable relationships with a limited number. I feel that a stable relationship requires constant communication that I personally feel you don’t share with everyone, at least I don’t. I don’t feel the need nor want to share everything with everyone and that’s where the limit comes into play. I mean you are capable of having a large number of friends, but on a more intimate level, I feel that number is limited. I personally don’t have a facebook, so it is difficult for me to say what 1,000 friends means, but if I were to generalize based on other social media, I would say that those kinds of friends are not necessarily close friends, although it can include a handful, but that number may also be inclusive of people who you interest you, whether it’s photographs they take or a funny posts they have, but I don’t feel there is always a personal connection to that person. The friend connection would relate to something you and that person share in common. When I constructed these social networks, I guess I was surprised by both. I never thought to map my relationships with people, so it surprised me to create these networks altogether! It makes me really consider my friendships, whether it be I get back in touch with someone or think about some of the current relationships I have now. I feel like my personal number is 10-20. I feel like I’m a more reserved person so I don’t like to tell everyone about personal details. I do believe my general relationship number is not limited, meaning I like meeting people and having more open relationships. To generalize what I am trying to say, I feel that my close friends include a relatively small number, but I have less personal relationships to more people, or considering them “weaker” relationships. Shifting over to weak ties, I do feel new resources open up through those relationships primarily because I feel that I am more likely to jump on an opportunity if it is something new and exciting. Overall, I feel this project was a project of metacognition and made me really reflect on some of the relationships I have now.




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