Wk 11 -Classmate Conversation -Andy Bui

For this week’s classmate conversation, I had a conversation with Andy Bui! Andy is a third year Biology student with an option in Molecular Cell Biology. Andy hopes to continue to pursue his dream career of being a pharmacist or optometrist. In his free time, Andy likes to play video games like counter-strike. Andy’s favorite ice cream is strawberry ice cream and his favorite food is Chipotle. I feel that discussing one’s favorite items outside of school curriculum really says a lot about a person and in this case I figured out Andy is a really cool person because we are into a lot of the same things! I also learned that Andy is from Santa Ana and commutes to CSULB on a daily basis! When I asked Andy the question of the week, Andy said he enjoyed fan art because it was a twist on what is actually displayed. It’s like taking something you like and personalizing it even more into how you want to see it. Andy felt Demi had overreacted to the situation because sometimes people do things to portray something a certain way, however, understanding Demi’s point of view helps understand the overall situation considering her stance on body image. Overall meeting Andy was a great experience because we shared a common interest in food as well as ideas!


If you’d like to know more about Andy, feel free to check out is page here!


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