Wk 12 -Artist Conversation -Sage Garver

Exhibition Information

Artist: Sage Garver
Exhibition: BIO
Media: Polyurethane Foam, Metallic Wire
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: N/A

About the Artist
Sage Garver is an undergraduate student from the CSULB School of Art’s Sculpture Program.  Originally from Hermosa Beach, Sage attends and commutes to CSULB on a daily basis. After obtaining her BFA, Sage plans to move to Hawaii with her sister where she can continue to work on her art. Although her enjoyment for art began in her youth as a hobby, the transition to a career possibility began in her college career. In her free time, Sage enjoys hiking, swimming, cooking, and baking preferably easy pastries.

Formal Analysis
Sage’s exhibition consists of white textured walls made from polyurethane foam that include shapes like circles, bubbles, and other complexes scattered all across. In the center of the room, an intricate metallic gold piece hangs strategically draped with metallic chains. The centerpiece has a circle covered with clear film that gives it a shiny, glowing look. The piece also contains a gold fork hanging from the draped metal wires. The exhibition displays a perfect balance between simplicity and decoration.

Content Analysis
Sage’s exhibition is an autobiographical piece that expresses how a systematic mutation leads to diseases and illnesses, much which she has experienced. Every aspect of the exhibition demonstrates a component that ties to the human body. The textures on the wall represent the forms found in the body, much similar to the structures in a cell like mitochondria, ribosomes, and many more. The centerpiece, the unifying piece, acts as the the nucleus, which is the control center, and there lies a golden fork, reflective of the implications left from what you consume and digest. A single mutation to any of these components would mean a magnified effect that in most cases causes diseases and illness, effects of which Sage is all too familiar with.

Synthesis/ My Experience
When I first walked into the exhibition, I was intrigued by the texture and the centerpiece. Prior to hearing the description of Sage’s work, I thought it resembled being underwater and it reminded me of something from Disney movie The Little Mermaid. I even thought the fork in the centerpiece was the one Ariel brushed her hair with! Aside from my misinterpretation of the exhibition, I found it to be very beautiful. I felt it was brave of Sage to represent herself so publicly and I felt she did in a beautiful way. It was also interesting to see all these structures I am familiar with come to life as opposed to a typical textbook setting. Good job Sage!


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