Wk 13- Classmate Conversation- Roxana Chavez

This week I meet Roxana Chavez in my Art 110 class! Roxana is a second-year healthcare administration major. It was great to meet someone outside of the college of natural science and mathematics! It was interesting to discover that she took great passion in working with patients in a medical aspect but different to the typical doctor-patient aspect. In her free time, Roxana likes to watch Netflix and walk her dog. She has a Shitzu, which I think are adorable. I found it funny that she watches Gilmore Girls and Grey’s Anatomy, the two shows that everyone always recommends to me but I have never taken the time to watch. Roxana and I shared a common excitement for the holidays coming up! Even though I prefer summer weather, Roxana loves winter weather and fashion. We both shared a huge admiration towards peppermint hot chocolate. Roxana’s favorite foods include ground beef tacos and pasta. Another interesting thing we share in common is Roxana has been to Philadelphia, which of I visited this past summer! We both agreed that the city was beautiful and we loved the historic vibe across the city. When we discussed the question of the week, whether we would either take the blue pill or the red pill when put in the situation from the Matrix, Roxane said she would take the red pill. Although Roxana has not watched the Matrix for contextual background, she felt that she would rather know the truth or at least seek knowledge if presented with the chance to continue down this path that is different than what people typically believe. Overall, it was great getting to know Roxana and if you’d like to read about her art experiences, check out her page here!



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