Wk 14- Art Activity- Instagram


For this week’s art activity, my art class had an Instagram art day! I myself keep a personal Instagram but decided to make another one for the sake of having a lot of posts throughout the day. If you want to check out my page click here! Or you can check out the hashtag #art110f16 to see what my classmates posted about!

From my experience, Instagram is a place where you can post a picture or video about anything. My favorites to look at are the landscape pictures, the food posts, and of course dog pictures!  I feel like because this is what I like to look at, this is what I’m most inclined to post. I do have to say that I do not post frequently, I take too many pics to share all of them, but I like to post my favorite ones! So with this Instagram art day, our professor asked us to post about our day, it could be anything! Our class “Giant Group Selfie” consisted of a variety of things, a lot of things I like to look at actually. I enjoyed the dog pics, you’ll find a chihuahua, pit bulls, and many more! My favorites were also the drink pictures that included lattes and Starbucks drinks, I can relate because I find myself in a coffee shop almost everyday. It was also interesting to see what people’s day consisted of, receiving exciting packages in the mail from Black Friday shopping to even visiting Disneyland! I was amazed because my typical week day is less uneventful. I think you can tell by my post, consisting of my routine of classes, lab time in between, and study time when I get home. Overall, I thought this was an interesting experience but I felt that if we were going to post as often as we did, I would usually do it on Snapchat. I feel that is a type of media where you go to see what people are doing throughout their day. I feel that Instagram is more for photography to appreciate.



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