Wk 14- Classmate Conversation- Abby Manuel

img_3506This week in my Art 110 class, I had a conversation with Abby Manuel! It was pretty cool to meet her and in my conversation with Abby, I discovered a couple of things about her. Abby is a second year political science major and after she graduates from CSULB, Abby would like to attend law school, ideally at UC Hastings. Abby is originally from northern California, where of which her home resides in Valeo. In her free time, Abby likes to read poetry, which I found unique because I don’t hear that often from people. She also likes to eat breakfast foods and go to concerts. What Abby and I share in common is our obsession for chick flicks! Her favorite movie is Brown Sugar, a movie I like, and Rent, a movie I plan on watching soon. Abby’s favorite music genres include R&B and Hip Hop. Another interesting thing I found out about Abby is that she is one of the few people I know that can listen to country music. Abby said it reminds her of being home because her dad plays that music at home. When we discussed the question of the week, Abby and I agreed in our vision of what we would think the college experience would be like in 2036. Abby said it would involve more online curriculum that would be convenient, especially when people have to work and they would do things on their clock, but it would also allow people to procrastinate. Abby said it would also be harder to meet people, having less of a social aspect to the technological take-over. She also said it would make people more connected to home, however, it would involve the compromise of connecting with people at school. Overall, it was great meeting Abby and if you’d like to read about her side of the story, feel free to check out her page here!


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