Wk 15- Art Activity- Finger Painting

For this week’s art activity, I participated in finger painting! I have to start by admitting I thought it was an activity for little kids, but if anything, I was more appreciative of it right before finals week. I really gave me a chance to take my mind off of all the stress I had waiting for me for the week. It was easier then expected because I wasn’t really trying to make a specific shape or figure and I was fun to get messy. I was thinking okay if I try to keep this as clean as possible, it would defeat the purpose of using my hands, at that point it would have been about using a brush. I even have to admit, things got messy around my house. Paint on the containers, paint on the counter, paint in the sink, paint on my clothes! It was a messy experience but thank Glenn for picking a washable paint! I would explain this experience as liberating and inspiring! I think it might have been a result ot getting messy! I also feel that we never work with our hands like that anymore and the only things we use them for is the daily routine and never anything fun. I appreciated this activity because the simplicity of it kept my mind of other distracting things. Similar to graffiti writing, it was an art type I had never really done, I know I should be ashamed of my childhood, but different to graffiti writing, I wasn’t trying to go for something specific. But through both types of media, I feel you can express emotion and tell a story by incorporating colors and texture through different shapes. Overall, I though it was a great last activity for my art class.


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