Wk 15- EC Feedback

I want to start this post by saying I have learned a lot more than I expected at the beginning of the semester. I felt this class was more than just learning art, but learning how to “adult” in a professional aspect. When I say “adult” that means learning how public speaking skills, learning how to put together some professional medias, learning how to communicate your experiences. Oh, and I also learned about art! (haha) I came to discover I have a huge appreciation for abstract art, an art that I never understood, none the less appreciated, prior to this class. My favorite 3 activities  we did this semester included finger painting, vlogs, and graffiti writing: I have always wanted to try graffiti, so that was a plus. I felt finger painting was super relaxing and playful, and although the vlog was a pain in my butt, I felt really appreciative of that experience. My least favorite activities include sketching in the garden, art care package, and fiber art social network: I felt I wasn’t able to get creative or interested in sketching, but the garden was beautiful, the art care package was difficult to put together considering my more personal intimate possessions to send to someone are out of town (my parents house), and the fiber art social network didn’t feel to creative to me. As to the hybrid format of the class, I was really appreciative of that! I felt we were able to do art on our own time when we felt we could allot time, which late nights are my creative hours. However, I felt the artist conversations/ art galleries took up way too much class time. The conversations were fun at first, but then felt too frequent. I felt the weekly blog posts were a nice way of finishing the activities, however I felt that you didn’t see a lot of other people’s work because that would mean hunting down their site, which could be time consuming. I felt WordPress was a great way to post things, however, I do not feel as a scientist I would have much advantage. I feel that in my industry, sites like Linkdn are particularly useful because they lay out facts quickly and efficiently. I felt the art talk video was very instructive and informative, however, the posts didn’t really feel like we were having a conversation about the video, it felt less personal. Overall, I enjoyed the class and it was a great learning experience! 🙂


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